Pont Neuf, Paris.

A couple of months ago, I wrote in a post that Eva Ana Kazic epitomised the things that used to define sexiness. Those days have been long gone and yet, she seems primed on a mission of bringing it back. At fashion week she’s not hard to find (just look for a crowd of photographers), nor is it hard to define her style in layman’s terms: she doesn’t look like anyone else, she looks better. 

This past month we linked up in Paris and had the opportunity to hang out before doing this shoot, and she turned out to be the exact opposite of how I imagined she’d be on a personal level. 

Merely 22 years old, Kazic firmly understands how her conservative appearance and seemingly serious disposition causes so many people to believe that she’s much older, and while she never explicitly said so, I got the feeling it’s the sort of misunderstanding she relishes. 

She somehow finds a way to be ironic without being a hypocrite—my original observation of the way she managed sexiness while maintaining a sense of conservative air was not a coincidence; she’s rooted in a cultural call of decency, and she doesn’t smoke, will not touch alcohol… she can be quite serious, but her sense of humour is ridiculously sharp, crass, and she has no plans of ditching an almost childlike imagination anytime soon. 

Lincoln Center, New York.

Issey Miyake Paris Fashion Week. 

Model Off Duty: German model Franzi Müeller, Paris Fashion Week.

Rihanna at Comme des Garçons, Paris Fashion Week.


fucknobitchassness asked:

What's the name of the male model in the tagged section #TOPMAN #NATURALHAIR? Your photography is amazing.


His name is Jay. 

Thom Yorke of Radiohead at Dries Van Noten, Paris Fashion Week

Violaine Bernard before Michael van der Ham, London Fashion Week